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Global Science Partnership is hosting an event at COP27!

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Our event is called ‘Bringing citizens with you: the inclusive pathway to net-zero’
Time: Thursday 10 November at 14:30-15:30 GMT | 16:30-17.30pm EET (local time in Sharm El-Sheikh).
Location: COP27 conference Science & Youth Day, Blue Zone

This presentation and panel discussion will focus on why it is important (the public benefit), and valuable (improved outcomes) to engage the public in net zero initiatives.
The presentation will showcase the Global Science Partnership alongside the award-winning 2050 Calculator model.

The panel discussion with key stakeholders and experts will explore:

  • The value in engaging citizens, policymakers and scientists together, to address climate change policy challenges.

  • Developing methodologies for citizen engagement in science-based policymaking.

  • How citizen engagement can support global climate change policy challenges.

If you will be attending in Sharm El Sheikh, please do join us!

If not, the event will be livestreamed via .

You can see the full COP27 UK Pavilion programme here.

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