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Climate Smart Agriculture - Building Resilience Through Citizen Engagement in the Seychelles

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Net-Zero Food Systems and Building Resilience Through Climate Smart Agriculture Technologies and Practices: Citizen Engagement Workshop

The Global Science Partnership (GSP) is set to deliberate on climate smart technologies and practices that can support an integrated approach to landscape management, and address challenges such as food security and climate resilience at an upcoming citizen engagement workshop in January.

A legacy initiative from the UK’s presidency of COP26, the GSP is a science and public engagement partnership that brings together academic and research communities, policymakers, civil society, and the public’s perspectives to spark effective and more inclusive climate action. The workshop is part of a greater initiative involving policy makers, climate scientists and citizens to form a more inclusive and participatory approach to climate action.

Founded on the premise that engaging people in climate science empowers them to influence the climate agenda, the partnership aims to achieve more effective climate action. When climate scientists are engaged in policymaking, evidence gaps can be identified and additional evidence produced, improving policy outcomes with evidence-based decision-making. The GSP is a collaboration between Ipsos and the Division of Science, Technology and Innovation (Ministry of Investment, Entrepreneurship and Industry).

Mr. Xavier Estico, co-author and signatory of the COP26 Opening Statement along with government science advisors from around the world, secured Seychelles’ participation in the Global Science Partnership pilot project led by the UK Government. There are currently three pilot studies currently underway in Colombia, Kenya and the Seychelles.

The Seychelles is piloting the methodology under the leadership of DSTI’s ‘Net Zero Food Systems and Building Resilience’ work. This is to be achieved through a number of identified key Climate-smart technologies by a local Experts Group under the leadership of DSTI.

The citizen engagement workshops will take place on the Wednesday 25 and Thursday 26 January 2023 at the University of Seychelles Anse Royale. The thirty participants will deliberate on the subject of climate smart technologies and practices that are available to support an integrated approach to landscape management that addresses the interlinked challenges of food security and climate resilience.

Ms. Rachel Brisley and Ms. Niamh Neale from Ipsos are in Seychelles for the Citizen Engagement, and Mr. Guy Morel is the main workshop facilitator. For media enquiries, please contact Project Director Reema Patel:

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